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We provides real-time web traffic filtering platform, screens each visitor using various data points(finger prints) resulting in operational efficiency.

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Quickly create

You can quickly create cloak projects in the console. And freely set fingerprint rules such as geographic location of the target group according to the actual situation of advertising.

No programming

After creating the cloak project, just download the cloak file and upload it to your vps, and finally refer to the cloak file in the website index file to quickly complete the docking.

Data encryption

In order to prevent data leakage on your website, all our data is transmitted through SSL protocol, which can ensure that the data will not be intercepted and eavesdropped during the network transmission.

Access log

Each access record judged by will be saved in the database, you can view the judgment results clearly, and debug settings and analyze data using logs. This will make your job easier.

Custom settings

In addition to creating a cloak project in the console, also provides an API. You can integrate it into your own website system, making it easier for you to set up fingerprint rules.

Boost ROI

Push the needed products to the people who need them. Because of the limitations of the advertising platform, strives to simplify this copy and improve your product conversion rate.


per month Get started
per month Get started
per month Get started
Clicks 150,000 300,000 900,000
30 30 30
Campaigns Creation
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


You can use our platform for all possible niches except from illegal ones. For example, we won't allow campaigns that promote: hacking, phishing, illegal drugs / acts etc, but we do allow niches such as: Diets, Adult Dating, Weight Loss etc.

Apart from bots & crawlers, our platform also blocks bad traffic identified with: DataCenters, Hosting & VPS servers, virtual private networks (VPN), anonymous & private proxies, satellite providers, clouds IPs providers and many more.

Of course. Our cloaking platform supports both the traditional IPV4 & the new IPV6 ips format and we block & monitor fraudulent traffic coming from both type of IPs.

Our cloaking platform is updated on a daily basis. Apart from IP (and other finger prints) updates, the platform itself is upgraded almost every month. As our client, you will not pay extra for the added features and/or updates we implement every now and then.

No, you can use file includes with our platform to make your campaigns more secure. You have a detailed built-in guide about this.

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